- Eliza Neals -

“Kneeling before one of America’s truest art forms with an unconditional passion to give the Blues everything she’s got. Eliza Neals, a Detroit born blues-rock star on the rise, honors the gut-wrenching, soul splitting intent the American roots of contemporary blues represents with inspired songwriting, live performances, and magic not seen in years.

Eliza Neals is a prolific songwriter, confident producer, arranger, bandleader, pianist, and one-of-a-kind live performer. Eliza sings with unearthly passion and velvety grit, effortlessly pushing air to new heights. Her operatically trained voice has been called both sexy and menacing. None of this is surprising, of course, as Eliza mentored with Detroit’s songwriting legend Barrett Strong Jr.

A recent Detroit Black Music Award and nine nominations in the Independent Blues Awards along with five DMAs, Eliza Neals is no stranger too the blues-rock scene. A fully accomplished recoding artist Eliza’s last three albums, EP and Vinyl records all have great reception at the top of the worldwide blues music and radio charts.  Don’t miss a chance to witness Eliza Neals perform with her all-star band it will be a night you will not soon forget.“


Watch a video of Eliza Neals "Ball and Chain" @ Buddy Guy's Legends 2019 »

“ a Detroit born blues-rock star on the rise"

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Eliza Neals